Long legged tubular stools with bulbous details
Landscape image of installation viewing stands and benches, facing the front door of a gutted church space
View of Chair piece and a bowl on the floor in the background. Inside gutted church space
Three tall steel stands with bulbous polished forms at the top, in front of wooden wall, next to a window. Water is visible on the floor
View of the corner of gutted church space with carpeted church bench, two steel stands and various bowls on the floor.
View of south facing wall inside gutted church space seeing six windows with waving plastic curtains and steel stands on the floor
Closeup of two polished bulbous steel forms in front of wood grain from a church bench
Green four tube-legged stool with a pillow shaped top/seat
black and white checker pattern
Stick figure
Floor grid mirrored in ceiling grid
Closeup of mirror positioned within steel floor grid
Two Cast Iron steel links front view
Closeup of cast iron steel link
Grey small table with nine tube legs perforating the surface of the tabletop
Closeup of wall mounted steel rod with a tied figure-eight knot on it
Wall mounted steel rod with a figure-eight tied knot on it. Front full view
Full space view of exhibition installation
View of thirtyseven legged tall table in front of grey wall hung frames. steel buste on floor
closeup of steel buste situated on floor
Corner view of gallery with four grey frames on wall and curving steel brick 'bed' on floor
Grey steel frame
Grey steel frame with room dividing line horisontally visible
Steel blinds with solid backing hanging on wall and forming all the way to the ground slanting
Detail of steel blinds
steel rod in the shape of a corner standing and four bricks on top of each other
Red, Purple, Green round glossy shapes hanging on a peg
Light grey small circular disc
Stack of red circular plates
A six legged steel stand with six steel objects hooked and looped and laying on structure
two rectangular frames with holes in them
Single rectangular frame with one extruding hole in center
One rectangular frame with two holes extruding from surface
Corner view of steel moulding outlining the space
Detail of steel moulding
Carved steel figure number two on layout-blue surface
Carved steel figure on layout-blue surface
Floorpiece of steel tiles
Detail of steel tiles. One tile with dimple in the center
wall piece; one steel frame with punched mattress pattern next to landscape image covered with white rug-grip material
Steel frame with dividers. Wall piece
Detail of steel frame
Detail of steel moulding under an electrical outlet
Two steel frames leaning against each other
Bench of steel sheet